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Wet Cleaning

Today's customers not only demand excellent quality from drycleaning, they also expect fantastic results for fine washables, casual clothes, bedspreads and outerwear. The Fabritec line of wet cleaning products provides you with everything you need to deliver what your customers expect – perfect every time.

Featured Product

5925 Cotton Clean Detergent

5 gallon pail, 15 gallon drum

A versatile, all-purpose liquid detergent specially formulated for today's washables and casual wear such as khakis, chinos and flannels. Also great for outerwear and bedspreads. Protects garments from fugitive dyes during the wash cycle.

  • Water-based, environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals
  • Protects garments from fugitive dyes during the wash cycle
  • Repels soil and prevents it from redepositing
  • Facilitates expert finishing and improved drape
  • Enhances fabric hand and adds softness

5914 Silky Clean

5 gallon pail, 15 gallon drum
A low-temperature, no-rinse detergent for today's fine washables such as silk, lingerie, beaded and other delicate garments. Garments have a pleasing hand, enriched and brightened colors, and are easier to finish.

5936 Condition-It

5 gallon pail, 15 gallon drum
Minimizes shrinkage, felting and pilling in washable wool, silk, rayon and all-natural fiber blends. Enhances fabric hand and facilitates fabric finishing.