Drycleaning Detergents

Fabritec offers a complete line of drycleaning detergents for all professional cleaning machines and solvents in use today. We also offer sizing products for the highest quality garment finishing.


5511 TeXtra
5 gallon pail, 15 gallon drum
An economical, highly effective and simple-to-use complete detergent for use in perchloroethylene or hydrocarbon cleaning systems. No need to add sizing, softners or perfumes. Contains surfactants to help with high soil and stain removal. TeXtra produces whiter whites and brighter colors and the enhanced softener/antistat package contained in TeXtra minimizes static and lint load after load.

5512 Frontier
5 gallon pail, 15 gallon drum
Featuring a fresh new scent with outstanding antistatic performance, Frontier is a highly substantive detergent system specially formulated to provide outstanding anti-static properties. This eliminates lint and time consuming finishing work.

     • Excellent soil removal on all types of fabrics
     • Maximum whiteness and color retention in garments
     • Repels soil and prevents it from redepositing
     • Eliminates the need to test for concentration
     • Fresh Mountain Spring fragrance

5516 Champion
5 gallon pail, 15 gallon drum
Fabritec Champion Detergent is a premium solvent based (hydrocarbon) cationic detergent formulated for the new modern high flash odorless hydrocarbon solvents and modern dry to dry hydrocarbon units. Fabritec Champion 5516 can also be used in the lower flash traditional hydrocarbon solvents. Enhances cleaning results when used with Heated Solvent.

5530 Tex-Clean
5 gallon pail, 15 gallon drum
Substantive detergent contains special surfactants and softener/antistat to produce cleaner whites and brighter colors. Yields easier-to-finish garments with a pleasing hand.

5535 Applaud
15 gallon drum
Detergent for use in hydrocarbon solvents. It is the latest advancement in the cationic, no-charge chemistry and is substantive to fabrics. Yields easier-to-finish garments with a pleasing hand. Enhances cleaning results when used with Heated Solvent.

5550 Charge Detergent for GreenEarth
5 gallon pail, 15 gallon drum
This anionic detergent has excellent soil-suspending properties. Leaves garments with a smooth, soft hand. Can be used as a charge or can be injected with each load. Approved by GreenEarth® Cleaning, LLC.

5502 Premium Sizing
5 gallon pail, 15 gallon drum
A special sizing that restores garments to original crispness and improves finishing qualities. Can be used in perchloroethylene or hydrocarbon solvent.

5503 Inject-Size Plus
5 gallon pail, 15 gallon drum
For use in 2-bath prewash and no-filter systems using a very low non-volatile residue (NVR) solvent. Imparts a noticeable crispness and body to fabrics making finishing easier and drape more permanent. Excellent anti-static properties.

5560 Sizing for GreenEarth (patented)
5 gallon pail
A premium quality sizing specifically designed for GreenEarth® Solution that enhances fabric body and enriches colors.


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