Laundry Products - Liquid

Fabritec brand laundry products are uniquely formulated to provide superior cleaning results while saving both water and production time. Fabritec offers a complete line of professional liquid laundry products included in the Fabritec EXPERT LAUNDRY SYSTEM. All deliver excellent cleaning results at an affordable price


Full Product Line - Liquid

Prestige Enzyme Detergent - 5921
5 gallon and 15 gallon
PRESTIGE Enzyme Detergent for Shirts and Regular Washables is a fully formulated, low pH, one shot liquid detergent containing a blend of enzymes that aids in removal of stains. It can be used in any water temperature and is compatible with all common laundry additives.

Oxy-Tex - 5998
15 gallon
This liquid color-safe oxygen bleach is a highly effective bleaching agent for today's fabrics.

Boost - 5943
5 gallon and 15 gallon
BOOST is a degreasing/emulsifying aid for laundry and wetcleaning detergents and removes grease, oil and grime from heavily soiled garments. BOOST can also be used as a prespotter.

Citra Buff Liquid Sour - 5933
5 gallon and 15 gallon
An environmentally buffered sour formulated for use with all alkaline laundry detergents including Titanium. Citra Buff yields a safe pH on shirts, preserving pH sensitive dyestuff and extends fabric life.

Fab-Soft - 5916
5 gallon and 15 gallon
A premium biodegradable fabric softener that imparts excellent rewetting and softness properties. FAB-SOFT also imparts a pleasing clean fresh scent to treated fabrics.

Soft 'n Free- 5942
5 gallon
A premium biodegradable fabric softener that imparts excellent rewetting and softness properties. SOFT ''n FREE contains no added fragrances.

Snap Liquid Starch - 5937
5 gallon and 15 gallon
A unique starch/polymer blend of liquid natural starch and a specific synthetic sizing. SNAP will give a smooth, full bodied feel with no build up. SNAP is designed to work effectively on all cotton or polyester blend fabrics and is formulated for shirt and uniform laundries.

Fine-Tex - 5956
5 gallon and 15 gallon
A conditioner and sizing for shirts, cotton blends and casual wear which minimizes shrinkage, felting and pilling in washable fabrics. Fine-Tex enhances fabric hand and facilitates fabric finishing. Not for use with "dryclean only" garments.

Synergy - 5934
5 gallon
SYNERGY is a combination laundry sour and rust remover preventing rust stains, yellow spots and graying of fabrics. SYNERGY also solubilizes iron and hard water salts.

Restore - 5970
5 gallon and 15 gallon
RESTORE is a smoke and odor neutralizer for drycleaning and laundry applications. It is a unique proprietary product that neutralizes odors in fabrics and eliminates the need for the ozone treatment of most smoke damaged articles. Great for restoration applications.

Fast Break - 5904
5 gallon
FAST BREAK is an alkaline booster with water conditioners for laundry detergents that aids in the removal of tough grease and heavy soil on fabrics, collars and cuffs.


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