Restoration Products by Fabritec

Using Fabritec Restoration Products helps ensure this adjuster calls your cleaning plant!

Welcome to the premier "Restoration System" for laundry cleaning!

Restoration work requires a high level of technical expertise and commitment to detail by the cleaner. Fabritec provides a comprehensive "Restoration System" composed of products, procedures and on-premise technical service to aid the cleaner in achieving maximum results and, consequently, maximum profits.

"Fabritec's Expert Laundry System

will optimize your restoration

success rate."

Gary Maloney, Nu Yale Cleaners, CRDN of KY & S. IN


Fabritec's "Restoration System" includes proprietary drycleaning, wetcleaning, laundry and specialty products designed to remove soot and odors associated with smoke and mildew. Our restoration procedures are time tested and proven to provide maximum cleaning results. Fabritec Technical Representatives provide expert on-premise technical service via periodic visits.

Prove your expertise to the insurance companies by using the best products in the industry in our state-of-the-art dispensing equipment including pumps, controllers, and sensors. Once you've been awarded the job, the same technology and superior products will allow you to do it better while saving time and money! That's repeat business for you!


Restoration Line - Liquid

Prestige Enzyme Detergent - 5921
5 gallon and 15 gallon
PRESTIGE Enzyme Detergent for Shirts and Regular Washables is a fully formulated, low pH, one shot liquid detergent containing a blend of enzymes that aids in removal of stains. It can be used in any water temperature and is compatible with all common laundry additives.

Oxy-Tex - 5998

15 gallon
This liquid color-safe oxygen bleach is a highly effective bleaching agent for today's fabrics.

Boost - 5943
5 gallon and 15 gallon
BOOST is a degreasing/emulsifying aid for laundry andwetcleaning detergents and removes grease, oil and grime from heavily soiled garments. BOOST can also be used as a prespotter.

Fab-Soft - 5916
5 gallon and 15 gallon
A premium biodegradable fabric softener that imparts excellent rewetting and softness properties. FAB-SOFT also imparts a pleasing clean fresh scent to treated fabrics.

Restore - 5970
5 gallon and 15 gallon
RESTORE is a smoke and odor neutralizer for drycleaning and laundry applications. It is a unique proprietary product that neutralizes odors in fabrics and eliminates the need for the ozone treatment of most smoke damaged articles. Great for restoration applications.


Restoration Line - Powder

Titanium Plus - 5911
40lb. pail and 160lb. drum

Titanium Plus detergent is a concentrated detergent with color-safe bleach for use in professional laundry operations. Because Titanium Plus provides outstanding cleaning and finishing results with shirts, it reduces the need for collar and cuff pre-scrubbing.

*compared to original Titanium
• True one-shot formulations
• Economical
• Environmentally friendly
• Low alkalinity content
• Low temperature water requirements
• Produces spectacular whites and brilliant colors
• Saves time and water costs

Titanium EXtra - 5931
40lb. pail and 160lb. drum

Titanium EXtra detergent is a effective laundry detergent specially formulated to produce superior results for areas with hard water or plants without a water softener system. Its low alkalinity, low temperature water requirements and simplicity of use make it economical for cleaners to use.
*compared to original Titanium EXP




Field-Proven products

• Eliminate or minimize ozone

• Products specially designed for mildew, smoke, odor and stain removal

• Technical Service and Support

• Fabritec customers demonstrate consistent results that insurance companies look for

State-of-the-art Expert Laundry dispensing system specially designed for Fabritec


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