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Drycleaning is "SIZZLING" with HEATED Hydrocarbon and GreenEarth®



The top drycleaning machinery producers are now offering this option along with enhanced features for

Sanitone Licensees and Fabritec customers.


Here are the outstanding benefits:

• Reduced cleaning times (18 minute wash time for 2 bath system vs. 20-25 minutes for conventional hydrocarbon).
• Increased water soluble stain removal with our cationic detergent.
• Drastically improved stain removal on oil and grease.
• More efficient distillation due to warm solvent going to the still.
• Increased production for garments normally wetcleaned that can now be drycleaned.
• Garments are easier to finish due to decrease in wrinkles after drycleaning.
• Consistent cleaning during cooler months.
• Brighter whites, no odor and incredible solvent mileage.
• Excellent results from DLI Cleaning Performance tests; out-performs Acetal cleaning.
• With or without heat, Sanitone/Fabritec Chemistry helps hydrocarbon and GreenEarth perform at their best!


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